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  • 60-Minute Technical Training Session
  • 15-Minute Consultation
  • Players Ages 6-18
  • Boys and Girls
  • Sessions on Weekdays and Weekends
  • Choose a Total Soccer Location Nearest to You

About Our Program
Combinations. Originality. Repetition. Execution

Our small group training program, known as C.O.R.E, features a customized curriculum we've developed and evolved throughout our ten plus years of training to help our players reach their full potential. The C.O.R.E method is centered around giving players fundamental technical ability, and then progressing to the mastery of technique through our five class levels.

With our 6:1 player to coach ratio, we've designed the program to feel like a private lesson with just enough players in each group to provide the necessary amount of pressure for functional game scenarios.

Training sessions will vary in regard to topic, but the main emphasis will always be developing comfort on the ball. Topics include passing, dribbling, shooting, moves, turns, first touch, finishing...etc.

For the most specialized position on the field, goalkeepers will be placed in our GK Zone for specific training that is often lacking in typical team training sessions. These sessions cover a variety of topics including footwork, handling, diving, distribution, shot stopping, and more.

About Us
Total Soccer is a private organization with no specific club or community affiliation. We have serviced thousands of players from numerous clubs and communities for over a decade. We have a wide array of programs in which we are the industry leader and continue to stay on the cutting edge of training and philosophy.
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